Hong Kong NYE2K17

As many of you will know, when I first left the UK for New Zealand two and a half years ago I had a weekend in Hong Kong on the way and ticked off a few of the sights. However, the way the trip this time worked out, we all decided it would be a great spot for Seeing in the New Year. So, Adam, Matt and I all flew in to meet old housemate Sheresy and Queenstown mate Gladley. We checked in to Urban Pack Hostel in Kowloon and went for an explore.

Meeting up with Adams local friend Derek we had a few happy hour drinks at Eye Bar to watch the light show, which turned into a few more drinks and some very expensive rounds of martinis.

Epic view over the harbour for a beer

With Jess have arrived in the  middle of the night we spent the next day having an explore of the main Hong Kong island (best accessed by the super cheap Star Ferry) ticking off the sights at the peak, Lang Kwai Fong and Soho. We even managed to find time to see Star Wars Rogue One in the IMAX, before spending our evening meandering the Temple Market for some tat shopping and streetfood with Derek.

Atop Victoria Peak

One of the things I didn’t get to do last time was see Macau, the former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong. It’s accessed by a one hour boat trip from Kowloon – IGNORE THE TOUTS!!! If you get past the scams to the ticket office then it’s a pretty simple process. Once in Macau we got on a local bus to go see the ruins of St Paul’s church, the Hotel Lisboa and the Sky Tower, where Gladley failed to manage a bungy jump and would have to return another day, before heading to the Venetian casino (largest in the world) to win some money. Or some of us did!

The Venetian. Take that Vegas
The Grand Lisboa – tacky or classy?

Then we hit New Year’s Eve. Nobody wanted anything too strenuous to take it out of us for the night, so we went out to Lantau Peak to see the Big Buddha sculpture and then had one of the best New Years Eves I have had in years partying at the hostel then watching the fireworks from the HK side. Shout out to everyone who made it an awesome night!

What a hangover though! Getting in after sunrise and having very little sleep, Gladley, Sheresy and I spent the morning recovering and then gathered the troops for an afternoon bowling session and a burger. Great cure. As it was going to be our last night as a crew, we went for a few drinks in Lang Kwai Fong – as last time I was there, that all relied upon the 7/11 shop to provide the beers and the street to provide the party. Thoroughly unaffordable otherwise!

And with that, we were done in Hong Kong and off into China!


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