Christmas in Seminyak

Happy (albeit now belated) Christmas from Bali.

What better way to spend it than with a bunch of mates in a beautiful villa with private pool and private chef in Seminyak?

Happy Christmas
Big pimping villa

Safe to say it has been a great Christmas chilling out here. We got in on Christmas Eve from Gili T to be met with the great sight of Queenstown housemates Harris and Jolene waiting with a jug of Pimms all ready for us. Everyone had ended up on different boats from Gili, but we gradually all trickled in over the next couple of hours and went to the fantastic Motel Mexicola, a surprisingly great Mexican restaurant with a good atmosphere. This naturally devolved into a night of tequila shotting (although decidedly not a cheap round at $20 a pop), embarrassing dancing in La Favela and getting at 4am (again). The only way to deal with Xmas morning was to get on the gins again with breakfast, then head out to the wake park with a core crew. James and Harris wanted to board so I went along for the ride and chilled in the infinity pool for the morning. Not a bad start to Christmas.

Infinity Pool

We had arranged for a chef to come in and cook us a huge feast in the house so we returned to huge dishes full of spring rolls, satay skewers, Rendang curry and far more. The day again then devolved into boozing as James and I had been careful to procure all the necessaries for a huge game of beer pong, and we again headed into town for a night out.

Just a pair of supermen changing in a phone booth


Boxing Day, by necessity, was a bit more chilled. After a few days of solid boozing, we relaxed for the morning and spent our afternoon and evening in a VIP booth at Single Fin in Sanur, at the southern tip of Bali, to watch the sunset and drink some cultured cocktails. A lovely way to celebrate what was our last night all together for a while.

After one more day of relaxation and general travel admin (last minute souvenir buying, taking Ren to a police station after losing her phone), Adam, Matt and I were up early on 28th for our flight to Hong Kong to see in 2017.

Bali has been an interesting one to be honest. I’ve had a great time here and it is a massive playground. It’s hard to escape the feeling that it is one big holiday resort though and I’m not sure I’d rate it over other parts of Asia in a lot of ways, especially the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak area. Ubud is naturally a great slice of culture and the chilled vibe of Canggu was great, so I’d still recommend Bali as a holiday destination, but there are certainly bits I wouldn’t revisit. Having said that, there are others that I wholeheartedly would, so I have a feeling I may be back!

Couldn’t leave this gem out


La Favela – massive but not too scummy club in Seminyak. You’ll get lost when you’re pissed. Embrace it, meet new people.

Potato Head – infinity pool, VIP areas (book ahead) and a great setting for early evening and sunset drinks

Single Fin – bit of a trek from Seminyak but worth it for spectacular views of the surfers and sunset.


Motel Mexicola – genuine Mexican food, not Tex Mex. A bit pricy but great for a one off treat.

Bali Cafe – good mix of Balinese and Western food, well prepared and presented.


See Eat and Drink!


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