The best way to start a trip in Bali has to involve a couple of swimming pools, a fair bit of boozing and some serious relaxation. We certainly managed that! 

Arriving pretty late at night, we escaped the taxi mafia at the airport and managed to get hold of one who would use a meter to get to Canggu. Lo and Behold, it came it at a third of the price quoted by the touts. I love it, you know when you’re back in Asia!!! Sadly too late for a decent feed, the evening meal was a Bintang and an instant noodle from the local shop – great deserved first meal!

We stayed at Lay Day Hostel in Canggu, near Echo Beach, which comes thoroughly recommended – clean dorms with A/C, two pools, a bar – what more can you need? Brinkley, Ren and I hooked up with Linda, Jess, Jack and Tom then over the next couple of days James and other (brother) Jack arrived to get stuck with in. The first two days were assigned to pure R&R – leisurely breakfast, bintangs by the pool and making new friends at the hostel. This (naturally) involved a bit of boozing on the first night heading to Pretty Poison to watch a skateboarding comp, then out into Kuta to La Havana where the night culminated in me getting my drinks all bought for me by a bunch of Chinese guys (potentially Triads?) in exchange for teaching them football chants. Why not?

The weather has been mixed –  generally pretty good in the morning then raining in the afternoon so we’ve been ducking showers – so warm that it doesn’t matter though. 

We decided that after a couple of days chilling by the pool and on the beach that we should be more cultured so on Linda’s Birthday (15th) we jumped on our motorbikes and went to see Tanah Lot temple – pics below. Not the best temple I’ve seen but maybe I’m spoiled…..

 Then, evening activity of heading to a private area by the infinity pool at Potato Head with a big gang for some birthday cocktails, before a night out in Canggu at Sand Bar, getting caught in a torrential monsoon and arriving home soaked, to get a few hours sleep before heading for Komodo the next day…….


Lay Day hostel – 126000 IDR per night – clean six bed dorms, two swimming pools, a bar and a chilled vibe make this a great place to stay in Canggu. Thoroughly recommended!


Bu Mi – Indonesian buffet restaurant. Pile a plate up and get your fill for anywhere between 18,000-50,000 IDR

Crate – Great breakfast options from avocado on toast and breakfast burritos to vegan smoothie bowls with fruit juice and coffee to match. 45,000-50,000 IDR a meal. 


Pretty Poison – has a skateboarding bowl in the bar with regular competitions. ‘Nuff said. Also, Rat and Bone cocktails.

Potato Head – infinity pool, cocktails, high life. 


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