The next big adventure

Let's go!
Let’s go!

I’m sitting in Sydney airport after a flight out of Queenstown, New Zealand where I’ve been living for the last eight months. Don’t worry, I’ll be back but not until another 7 week trip around some more of Asia. I’ll be starting off with a few weeks in Bali until after Christmas, before for China and beyond until late January.

Our initial plan is to chill on the beach for a while at Canggu then a trip out to Komodo to go hunting for dragons and manta rays. Should be pretty exciting! After that, more of Bali island so watch this space. I’ll be traveling with a few of my workmates from Queenstown – seven weeks holiday is a pretty decent deal so we might as well use it! 

Starting the adventure with me are Adam, famous as Don Brinkley, the Lonely Degenerate and Ren, the Scottish pest. The cast members joining us in Bali include newly married couple Jess and Linda, Global Sensations Tom Parker and Jack Roberts, local Queenstown nobility Lord Harris and Lady Jolene and finally old uni pal Northcott, who was out in Vietnam with me this time last year.

Landing at Sydney Airport
Landing at Sydney Airport

It’s been a long year working for me – I was back in the UK working in February, on twelve hour winery shifts for two months, then working hard and playing even harder in Queenstown bars and on the ski slopes (hard life) so some time to chill on the beach, get some sun and some top notch Asian food will be lovely. Get me there now!!!


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