Cat Ba Island and Ha Long Bay

The bus and boat combination to Cat Ba town was a lot easier than we expected. We had heard bad things about the town but it turned to be pretty enough (while not the most inspiring place we have been, it is certainly not the least!) and we managed to score a room with balcony and sea view for only $6. That’s off season prices for you!


Not a bad view for $6!
Unfortunately, we hadn’t been there for long when a stomach bug struck. We ended up spending much of the next few days in bed or recovering and were largely unable to explore as much as we would have liked. 


Our noble vessel!
We did however, feel well enough on one day to manage a boat trip (with Cat Ba Ventures) out into Lan Ha bay and Ha Long bay to sail amongst the stunning limestone islands. Sadly we had been ill through the good weather, so it was a little grey, but atmospheric! We even braved a bracing leap from the boat into the rather chilly sea. You only get the chance to swim in Ha Long Bay once! The highlight of the day was a couple of hours kayaking through caves, especially the one marked ‘Danger Here, No Entry’ which our guide enthusiastically paddled off into armed with a head torch per kayak. 

The worst place to live and remember you forgot to buy a pint of milk…….
A rock……..
Stunning Ha Long Bay
Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here!

We made the return trip to Hanoi and unfortunately had to spend a few more days there as Andrews stomach bug came back. 


Arty shot – black and white to disguise a grey sky…..
So, not much to tell about our time, but Ha Long and Cat Ba were as beautiful as expected and luckily we are now both back to fighting fitness in time for one last adventure. 

Just to prove that there was finally sunshine!

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  1. […] Hanoi is full of tour companies trying to get you out to Ha Long bay on a one or two night trip, booze cruise or otherwise. These are all pretty pricy, especially some of the booze cruises, eg Castaway which will come in at over $200. The cheaper options may be half that price, but with hundreds of reports of dodgy food, rickety boats and unhelpful guides, it is a minefield. So, when we went, we just went straight to Cat Ba town, on Cat Ba island, and stayed there to save m… […]


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