Fiji Part 4 – Mana Island

We had had mixed ideas about visiting the islands during our time here. Sure, we were told that they are beautiful and that everyone goes there, but on the other hand, everyone goes there, not to mention that they are a bit pricier and more touristy than then rest of our time in Fiji. However, when it came to it, we felt we couldn’t leave without visiting, and we managed to get a good rate, so why not!

This view. Worth it!
This view. Worth it!

So, we set off for Mana Island in the Mamanuca Group to stay at Ratu Kini’s Backpacker Resort. An hour long boat ride later and we arrived in paradise (again!). White sand, crystal clear blue water, fabulous reefs and coconut palms, it is too cliched to be true! We’d heard mixed reviews of the place, but we couldn’t fault it. Thinking we had booked a dorm, we got given a private room, with A/C. Result! Food and entertainment was great too, including Fijian dancing (little bit less intimidating than a Haka and involving a lot of knee wiggling), fire shows and personal highlight – the international night. We think that was the staffs night off as they got everyone there to sing their national anthem, then went home! Very amusing but a bit odd!

Fijian fire dance
Fijian fire dance

So, for three days, we acted like we were actually on holiday! We snorkelled a lot (and found lots of Nemo’s!), walked hand in hand on the beach, met some baby sea turtles who were rescued, climbed to lookouts, got lost in someones cassava patch and became unofficial photographers for the entertainment team!


We’re very sad to have reached the end of our time in Fiji, it has been a truly beautiful place, filled with beautiful friendly people and we’d both love to think that we will be back. Whether we can or not remains to be seen, but we’d recommend it hands down to anyone. But, like all good things, it comes to an end, we fly off to Seoul in South Korea tomorrow, so the adventure goes on!


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