Sorry for not blogging!!

Dear blog readers,
A whole year has gone by with only one merger post to show for it. But New Zealand life just seemed to catch up with us. That and the Internet reception was worse than if we’d been deep in the South American rainforest. And now here we are a year later, trying to remember how all of this stuff we have ever fitted into these two rucksacks. So those those of you have lived under rocks, or not encountered either of our families for the last year here’s a quick summary of what we have been up to:

Living in a camper van. Making wine. Drinking wine. Living the wolf of Wall Street life in Queenstown. Skydiving. Chilling on the beach. Skiing. Caving. Surfing. Living on a farm. Kayaking. Mud pool bathing. Hiking. Lots of hiking. Swimming. Tractor driving. Canoeing. Bbqing everything. Time travelling to the 1920s. Snorkelling. Kiwi spotting. Waterfall diving. Visiting Australia. Mountain biking. Eating. Eating. Eating.

So from now on we’re gonna try and get a lot better at this blog thing. Stay tuned… Fiji here we come.


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