Arrival in Fiji

Bula Vinaka! We have, after a couple of days travel from Queenstown, arrived in the Jewel of the Pacific, to stay at the Bamboo Backpackers in Newtown. Our initial thoughts are promising, but the sun could do with shining. Yes, only we could come to Fiji and it be cloudier than New Zealand was. Abby is the first person ever in Fijian history to say ‘I’m a bit chilly I think I’d better put my jeans on’. Still, the hostel is a beachside thatch affair, the local beer is beer and we are in a hammock!

Nadi, the airport town, is not what one initially hopes of Fiji – the sea is brown, the sand is brown and the tourism is mediocre. However, not to be deterred, we ventured, ALONE,  into the town. Initially, in trying to find a fruit and vegetable market, we were met by a friendly Fijian man who gave us Kava in his village’s shop.

Kava, if you don’t know, is a traditional Pacific Islander drink made from a ground root. It apparently has narcotic properties and is drunk heavily by tribal chiefs at meetings, and on any Tuesday. In reality, it looks like muddy water, tastes like muddy water and has the narcotic property of muddy water. None. Probably best at 10am (although maybe they keep the good stuff for themselves and it was just muddy water!?!)

As national drinks go it beats Ouzo
As national drinks go it beats Ouzo

Back to the Fijian shopkeeper. He was less friendly when we ran away refusing to pay his trumped up prices.

After that, we found the previously sought fruit and veg (and Kava) market. With lunch (and pineapple!) in our bags we headed to the Sabeto Mud Pools. Covering ourselves in volcano mud, we waited for it to dry and then washed in a pool which looked a little like Kava, before moving through a series of volcanic heated pools. Freshly relaxed and clean, we returned to the hostel to plan our next trip, open a beer and have some lovely fish for dinner.

That's going to take some serious washing off!
That’s going to take some serious washing off!

With luck, you can soon expect blue skies and seas in our next post. Like Fiji is supposed to be.


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