Salt Lake

After the weirdness of the Yellowstone tour it was a relief to find that the hostel in Salt Lake was awesome. After being admonished for not calling to get picked up and walking the 12 blocks from downtown (with broken suitcase, not fun!) we booked ourselves onto a tour with Rodney, the most friendly hostel staff member so far. The next morning we headed out with him (at 10am, a lie in!) and as he drove us through the area he gave us a full history in life, the universe and everything about the state of Utah. We drove out to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. Once there we went for a swim in the Lake, which is 35% salt and full of sea monkeys! Actual sea monkeys! With that much salt in the Lake its impossible to sink, even if you are a slighty tubby German man who came with us.

The Great Salt Lake. Its Great, Salty and a Lake. Imaginative.

After a while of bobbing around we went bison hunting, armed with cameras and binoculars rather than rifles. Turned out to be a good day for wildlife spotting, as we saw about 300 bison, a good 30 pronghorns, a massive owl (species unknown – we shall name it Owlius andrewus) and two coyotes.

Standing. One of five things Buffalo do. Others include sitting, eating, sleeping and rolling.

We then visited to oldest ranch (in fact oldest building) in Utah and tried on a 70 year old stetson! Of course as it was a Mormon ranch there were four bedrooms for each of the wives. Heading back towards home we took a detour up to the top of Creek Canyon for a stunning view over the entirety of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City. Also imaginatively named. Guess what they do in Farmington?!

We had another 6am wake up call the next morning so we settled in back at the hostel to watch a bit of TV and have an early night.


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