Yellowstone Etc

So we’ve been very busy bees since we last wrote. We flew to Denver after New Orleans to start a tour that went through the Rockies, up to Yellowstone National Park (the subject of half my lectures and therefore a cue for geeky Zoologist to come out – Andrew) and back to Salt Lake City. Tour was…. Interesting. Turned out that it had been a bit mislabelled, and was actually aimed at Chinese tourists and in Chinese! Fortunately the guide did everything in English as well, and offered so little information that it didn’t really matter anyway. Downside was that they ate Chinese food for every meal so we were constantly waiting around outside Chinese restaurants in truck stops for them while we ate our sandwiches.

However, we have seen some amazing things. They’re all so difficult to describe, as they are so awe inspiring, so how about we just show you some photos. Enjoy.

The Crazy Horse Memorial – the biggest statue in the world. Also, not remotely finished – better come back another time!
Mt Rushmore. Needs very little introduction. Some of the all time greats in that picture. And 4 Presidents too…
A baby black bear in Bear Country, a drive through safari park. Awwwwwwwwwwww……
Deadwood. This is the saloon where Wild Bill Hickok, famed Western lawman, was shot and killed in a poker match.
Devils Tower. Created by the gods to protect 7 children from a giant bear. Or geology. Who you gonna believe, me or the Native Americans? I know who’s story is more exciting!
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone. Its pretty mammoth and pretty hot. Also, stunning!
Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone. Massively impressive. The rest of the tour group thought the coffee shop was just as good. They were idiots though……
A hot pool, Yellowstone. The stuff you find if you walk ten minutes rather than going to the coffee shop!!!
Yellowstone. This may appear to be an aerial view, but actually only five feet away. Just really cool looking!
Solitary Geyser, Yellowstone. Guess how many other geysers are near this one…….
Lower Falls, Yellowstone. Anyone got a barrel and a deathwish?
Upper Falls, Yellowstone. Hi there, running out of captions. Best answers in a stamped envelope to me. Thanks!
Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone. The steam in the early morning sun made the 6am wake-up kinda worth it!
Grand Teton Mountain Range.
Jackson Hole. A really horny, I mean antlery sculpture…

We’ll be back soon with Salt Lake and Vegas, until then, goodbye!!!


‘Wild Andy’ Stafford and ‘Calamity’ Tomkins



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