Hello again everybody,

At the end of writing our last blog (which seems like a year ago now) we were knackered from the bus journey and had fallen into bed. The next morning, feeling more human we got up with the intention of taking some bikes round Chicago. But unfortunately it was raining. So even more unfortunately (for Andrew) we had to go shopping! Chicago has a street called the Magnificent Mile, a whole mile of shops, most of which we can’t afford. Not letting this deter Abby she tried on 80 different outfits and bought two. Andrew typically bought everything he tried on (which admittedly was only two things). We went back to the hostel, the Chicago Getaway Hostel and cooked ourselves a great British delicacy, a curry! Feeling all too touristy after our meal we went out to one of the local blues bars with some people from the hostel. Several buckets of beer and an amazing blues performance from Carl Weathersby (all three generations of them) later and it was suddenly half two.

Carl Weathersby. Guitar God.

Needless to say we didn’t make breakfast the next morning. On getting up we did decide, however, that it was time for a beach day on Lake Michigan, which looks more like the Bahamas with its clear blue water and white sand. Strange to look back and see the Chicago skyscrapers while you sunbathe. Andrew took his ukulele and we sat on the pier playing Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay. Cliched but cool!

Ukulele on the beach

After digging out our nice clothes we headed into town to the John Hancock Signature lounge, a cocktail bar on the 96th floor, so the views weren’t bad. In fairness neither were the cocktails. Feeling a bit too sophisticated after martinis and a cheese plate we went across the road to the more down to earth (literally) Giordano’s, a pizza place famous for its stuffed pizza pies. Despite being warned Andrew insisted on ordering a medium pizza instead of the small, which meant we ended up with pizza for the next two nights! Good job it was delicious!

Pls note. Perspective makes this pizza seem bigger than it really is

The good weather held the next day so we got to rent our bikes after all and set off on the 18 miles of cycle path along the lake front. After a long ride to the south of the city we stopped off at a beach for a swim and some sun. The water was amazingly warm and it was nice to not be salty! After we dried out we got back on the bikes and headed north, finding yet another beach, with a great beach bar and a reggae DJ. Finally arriving back at the hostel with sore legs we grabbed dinner (leftover pizza) and went down to Buckingham fountain, which had an impressive light and sound display. As if that wasn’t enough we then had the added treat of the Navy Pier fireworks to entertain us.

We ❤ waterproof camera

For our final day in Chicago Abby finally got her way and persuaded Andrew to go on a Art Deco walking tour of the city. (And it was super super fun and Andrew enjoyed it tons – Abby) Afterwards we went into Millennium Park to see the famous Bean, basically a big silver bean. It does, however, make your reflection really funny which apparently can provide hours of amusement to two fully grown supposedly mature adults. Then we went to the pavilion where Chicago holds its music concerts and watched a classical orchestra practice. On our way back to the subway we spotted a band performing in the park so we sat and enjoyed a bit of free entertainment until the heavens opened and we decided to retreat to the hostel.

You can call me Mr Bean

We were catching the bus to Nashville that night so after more leftover pizza (I ordered economically clearly – Andrew) we hung around the hostel until it was time to get our bus. Which was full. Which meant we had to wait. Until four. In the morning. Grumpy. To find exactly what time our journey got us in, and other exciting facts about Nashville, tune in same time tomorrow. Until then TTFN,

Love from,

the sunworshipper and pizzaboy


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