Cape Cod

Hi Everyone,

We’re currently on a 6 hour bus journey to New York in the pouring rain, so as good a time as any to update you on what’s been happening so far.

On Wednesday we took the boat over to Provincetown in glorious sunshine.

I’m on a boat!

After a quick hour and a half trip we arrived on what has to be one of the oddest places on earth! Provincetown is the gay capital of New England. Walking down the main street of clapboard houses and ocean view restaurants you are joined by the cast of ‘Naked Boys Singing’ and numerous drag acts, inviting you to such delights as ‘Ass Wednesdays’ and ‘The Leather Club’, all of which comes together to make Brighton look like a macho biker hangout! Needless to say Andrew couldn’t be persuaded into ‘Ass Wednesdays’. We checked into the hostel, which definitely wasn’t called ‘the Outermost’ for nothing, and went for a wander. The town is filled with little galleries and street performers, including a hilarious and astounding magician. We grabbed dinner from ‘Johnny Footlong’s’, not exactly the place you’d expect to get a great cup of clam chowder or Portuguese kale soup, but turned out it was, and we got a lovely view of the ocean sitting on the beach.

The next day we rented a couple of bikes and headed off on one of the many bike trails on the Cape Cod National Seashore. The beautiful landscape started to be eclipsed by the pain in our thighs towards the middle of the day, so Abby was taught to throw stones on the beach (and no longer throws like a girl – Andrew). Whilst there we visited the last remaining United States Life Saving Service station (much more thrilling than it sounds we promise you). They used to watch out for ships in danger off the coast. They had a cannon which fired rope out to the ships so they could winch people back in during storms. We cycled back through Beech Forest and stopped for a little walk in a protected area, seeing hundreds of frogs, chipmunks, a heron, and Abby’s first red squirrel. Andrew was in his nerdy ecologist element of course. (But Abby can get her own back in the museums! – Andrew) (Or Art Galleries haha! – Abby) (Oh no….. – Andrew). Back to Provincetown in time for a shower and dinner, where we finally took the plunge in one of the pricey restaurants (and bagged an early bird deal – still students at heart!) Andrew had a pile of seafood stuffed scallops, and was defeated by it, a rare occurrence whilst I (Abby) had a mere half a swordfish. All washed down by a few beers in a bar afterwards.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

On Friday morning we checked out of our cabins and hopped on a bus down the Cape to Hyannis to the HI.  We dumped our bags at the hostel there, (eventually after Andrew conceded we were going the wrong way and I was right!) and headed off to the beach for a hard days sunbathing. We decided to have a quiet night in at the hostel and booked our accommodation up for the next few weeks. Sadly there were no rooms left in Philadelphia so it looks like we’re going to have to save something to do when we come back.

The prettiest hostel in the world

This morning, after PANCAKES, was spent jerry-rigging the wheels on Abby’s suitcase to make it rollable once again after it had an accident somewhere en route. Once Andrew had finished playing DIY Drew we caught the bus to New York… and we’re still on it! Hopefully we should reach our destination in about an hour, before Abby asks for the thousandth time if we’re there yet (The 17 hours to Chicago should just fly by – Andrew) and check into the HI in time to cook some dinner.

Write soon,


DIY Drew and the Moanatron 500


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