We’re here!!

Hi All from Boston,

So after 6 months of planning and raving we’re finally here!! After leaving home at stupid o’clock in the morning for a ridiculously long flight compounded by an unhelpful Italian woman, we landed to see that rare sight… sunshine! An uneventful passage through American customs was much appreciated and we managed to navigate the subway all by ourselves.

The hostel is clean and comfortable, even if  rather toasty at night, and so far no sign of loonies (or cockroaches to Abby’s relief). Once we’d dumped our bags we went for a wander around the Back Bay area, and I set Andrew out on a little treasure hunt for his birthday present. He’s now the the proud owner of a pair of brand new boat shoes.

We decided by then it was probably beer o’clock (whilst it was only 5pm over here, in our heads it was 10) and found a little bar close to the hostel called Clerys for a few Sam Adams and a plate of nachos twice the size of Andrew’s head, ludicrously labelled an ‘appetiser’! The combination of overeating and jet-lag led t0 a much needed early night so we could start a hard day’s sightseeing in the morning.

Mt Nacho-verest!

9 o’clock  this morning and we were fed, watered and rested and headed off on a  trolley bus tour of the city. We’ve learnt more history today than Abby did during three years at university!! First stop the Boston Tea Party ships then onto waterfront for a harbour cruise, which explains how red our arms and noses are in all the photos! This dropped us at the USS Constitution, a ship famous for repeatedly killing British people… awkward much?

Ahoy there!

The ship was pretty interesting and then I let Andrew loose on a WWII destroyer and he’d probably still be there if it wasnt for his stomach! (Edit. OI! – Andrew).  We finished off the boat tour and headed to Fanueil Marketplace, a long line of every possible food you could ever want… pure heaven! Momentarily delayed by a sudden thunderstorm, we hopped back on the trolley bus and headed over to the botanical gardens, getting a full history lesson on the war of independence on route, damn redcoats… oh hang on…

Peace and quiet

After enjoying the last of the sunshine in front of the lake, and many a photo with the ducks, we crossed the street for a beer in the Bullfinch pub, the basis for Cheers! Nobody knew our name, it’s all a lie.

Hey Norm! * Canned applause *

Taking note from last nights experience we attempted to order small and failed, ending up with four plates of mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, sweet potato fries and crab rangoon (pastry parcels filled with cream cheese and crab). So sleepy and very full we’re back at the hostel trying to stay awake until an acceptable time.

So our lessons so far: 1) All american portions are huge 2) Wear suncream 3) English people are BAD at owning colonies

Speak to you again from the cape. Stay tuned…

Love from Staff and the Tomkster X


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  1. Hello there you two travellers. Glad to Hear Boston a historical and culinary experience. If you continue to eat like that we won’t get you in the car on the way home!! Look forward to the next instalment from the Cape. Geoff and Deb


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